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No data to third parties, regulated by the constitution of the Seychelles

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More than 200,000 offshore companies founded in the last 20 years

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OECD white listed, all your bills of your company are worldwide accepted

Why Seychelles?

Offshore Seychelles

No data to 3rd parties, more than 200,000 Offshore Companies, OECD whitelisted

Why Seychelles? A Seychelles IBC – an International Business Company, is the most versatile and flexible type of company foundation in the world. Similar to other offshore destinations, Seychelles IBC is known and popular for its international design and operational capability. While many other overseas countries disclose directories of directors, shareholders and stakeholders, the Seychelles allow absolute anonymity through a non-public register and a constitutionally clear privacy declaration. In addition, the freedom of movement of Seychelles companies with regard to exemption from any accounting obligations and also a non-requirement of annual audits goes far beyond the usual scope of offshore companies. Since the introduction of the Seychelles International Business Companies Act in 1994, over 200,000 Seychelles companies have been established. The number of new registrations per month is more than 1000 and should answer: “why Seychelles“.

  • No Data about you

    • no submission to the register of directors or founders (trust)
no public access to the data of shareholders or beneficial owners
    • by law, within the constitution of the Seychelles, it is not allowed to give or make available any data outside the Seychelles to third parties
  • More than 200.000 Offshore Companies

    • Only one director or shareholder required
    • A Seychelles IBC can become the owner of aircraft and ships registered on the archipelago. This means that ship and yacht owners, for example, are also anonymized.
    • Low registration fees
    • Tax-free environment
    • A large number of taxation agreements with many countries allow the transfer of profits to the Seychelles and taxation at 0%.
    • International Free Trade Zones
    • no corporation tax
    • No obligation to hold annual meetings
    • No accounting obligation
    • Commercial register information is not publicly available. Anonymity is guaranteed!
    • wealth preservation
    • considered and respected as an offshore country worldwide
    • The laws on freedom of movement for companies allow for global work and the best possible development
    • No data exchange agreements with third countries
    • 46 Double taxation agreements valid according to OECD standard
    • No shareholders or director data are publicly accessible
    • No controls in free currency trading e.g.
    • English is business language
    • The population has a high standard of education and is bilingual throughout – also in English
  • Seychelles are OECD whitlisted

    • Based on the internationally agreed tax standard, the OECD has formulated “white”, “grey” and “black” lists:
    • White List – Jurisdictions that have implemented the internationally agreed tax standard – i.e. are not regarded by the OECD as a tax haven.
    • Grey list – Jurisdictions that are committed to the internationally agreed tax standard but have not yet substantially implemented it – i.e. can meet some of the above tax haven criteria.
    • Black list – jurisdictions that are not bound by the internationally agreed tax standard – i.e. the jurisdiction has not taken any steps to cooperate with the OECD in implementing the standard.
  • Easy management

    • no obligation to prepare or file annual accounts
    • no obligation to appoint an auditor, no tax audits
    • no accounting obligation
    • Seychelles dispenses with ongoing bookkeeping and accounting. Only since 01.04.2012 the simplified retention obligation for documents at the place of administration applies.
    • Minimum capital does not have to be paid in
    • There is no obligation to attend shareholder meetings
    • Favourable management fees
    • Tax advantages
    • Discretion and protection of assets
  • Tax exemption for offshore companies in the Seychelles

    • The Seychelles offshore company is not subject to profit taxation at its registered office.
    • This applies if the revenues of the offshore company were generated outside the Seychelles. Since this is likely to be the case for the most part, this is referred to as a zero tax company.