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We like to be fair. All following steps are included in our fees, no additional, hidden costs

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We do much more than others for our clients, founding a Seychelles Offshore Company is our passion.

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Transparency of our work for our clients is important to us, which is why we are happy to demonstrate this below

Procedure & Process of your Seychelles Offshore Company Incorporation

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We like to be fair and show you all steps transparently

  • After your order in our Online Shop

    • Procedure & Process of your Seychelles Offshore Company Incorporation start.
    • After ordering from our online shop, you will receive a special eMail with the request to send us a copy of your passport, or your identity card or driving license by email.
    • Only one of the above documents is sufficient.
    • Also, you need to provide a copy of your electricity bill or some other type of consumption bill.
    • It is important that your actual home address is available there.
    • The utility bill should not be older than 3 months
  • Check of 5 Company names for you:

    If not already entered when ordering, we will ask you again for the desired name of your future Seychelles offshore company.
 For this, we ask you to give us 5 names, listed according to your favorites.
 Please note that not one of these words will be used in your future company name:

    • Assurance
    • Bank
    • Building Society
    • Chamber of Commerce
    • Chartered
    • Cooperative
    • Imperial
    • Insurance
    • Municipal
    • Trust
    • Foundation

    Of course, this also applies in other languages, e.g. German:

    • Versicherung
    • Bank
    • Bausparkasse
    • Handelskammer
    • Imperial
    • Versicherung
    • Kommunal
    • Vertrauen
    • Stiftung

    Please do not use words that have a similar meaning to those above, or any other word that the Registry believes suggests or describes Seychelles or the government of Seychelles or another country or the government of that country.

    Furthermore, the name of the company should not be indecent, offensive or, in the opinion of the Registry, otherwise offensive or misleading or may be confused with another company, wherever it is registered or is a registered trademark in Seychelles, or elsewhere.

  • Now you have the possibility to choose one of the following company add-ons:

    • Limited
    • Ltd
    • Corporation
    • Corp.

    Example: Company name Limited or Company name Ltd, not both.

  • Description of the new Seychelles Offshore company:

    • Please include your company name and the purpose of use as a short description of the new company to be founded.
    • Example: Trading with licenses and domainnames and/or online projects
  • Incorporation:

    • Your 5 desired company names, including a brief description of the company, will now be checked for you at the registrar of Seychelles.
    • After approving one or more names, you decide which name to use for your Seychelles company.
    • In case the registrar rejects all your proposed names, we ask you to give us another 5 new names.
    • Now it comes to prepare the memorandum and the founding agreements for you.
    • The registered and licensed Agent gives the original of these to the register for signing.
    • At the same time, the registered Agent pays all necessary fees for the foundation.

Within 24 hours we then receive all documents from the registered Agent, additionally also the original certificate of the Seychelles Offshore Company issued by the registrar of Seychelles.
  • Notary, Apostille and Supreme Court

    • Now the authentication process starts by presenting the documents to a notary, sometimes required by the bank, e.g. the Certificate of Incumbency.
    • With all the documents we go to the Seychelles Supreme Court, where we ask for an apostille for your Seychelles Offshore Company.
    • Usually on the same day or one day later we get them because we know all the procedure
  • Preparing your original documents for shipping by DHL Express courier

    • After checking all documents, they are scanned and then sent to you by DHL Express
    • The normal delivery time for express mail is 3-7 days
    • Your original documents will then be delivered to you personally by a DHL Express courier
    • Procedure & Process of your Seychelles Offshore Company Incorporation is finish