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Seychelles offers the company founder outstanding advantages such as maximum discretion and a rigorous zero-tax corporate policy. With the introduction and adoption of the International Business Companies (IBC) Act in 1994 and the amendment in 2016 and 2018, the Seychelles Offshore company sector now occupies a major source of income alongside tourism. Seychelles has managed to effectively and successfully present its remoteness and unique legal system to an international audience of entrepreneurs.

Modern offshore companies, unlimited liability and without trouble?

These days, a Seychelles offshore is no longer or only for tax reasons. Because it has also turned out that an improved liability structure. Or simply to remain anonymous is also very much desired as a solution.

Especially in the times of the DSGVO (data protection basic regulation) one would like to free oneself from European or worldwide regulations. Thus one saves oneself the stress with lawyers and also with bad-tempered competitors.

Just as and especially as a digital nomad who is constantly looking for the best solution to operate an independent company. Or when it comes to securing licenses, patents and assets, a  Seychelles offshore company is ideal.

Digital nomads, SEO and service providers, licensees, trading via the Internet (e-commerce), Dropshipping, independent companies, consultants / legal advisors, emigrants, for inheritance purposes and because of intellectual property rights, are just a few examples of who and for what a Seychelles offshore company can be legally used.

Today, Seychelles is one of the leading offshore centres in the Indian Ocean. It inspires a clientele ranging from private investors to company founders and global corporations with its freedom of movement and infrastructure.

When do you incorporate your offshore company in the Seychelles?

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