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Anyone can legally create an Seychelles IBC offshore company – worldwide

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Protect your privacy and your intellectual property rights, staying anonymous is easy

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Best solution for digital nomads whether you travel or live elsewhere

Why Offshore IBC?

Offshore Seychelles

Anyone can legally operate a Seychelles offshore IBC with a European or worldwide domicile

To own a offshore IBC, you do not have to move out of your country or prove your stay abroad. At the tax office or at the bank it is only important to specify the exact name of the beneficial owner.
On the subject, everyone can move their company headquarters to wherever they like. worldwide laws allow this and call themselves freedom of establishment. This applies to all worldwide, whether as a private person or as a legal person/company.

The Seychelles offshore IBC (Internationa Business Company) is not subject to profit taxation at its registered office.
This applies if the revenues of the offshore company were generated outside the Seychelles. Since this is likely to be the case for the most part, this is referred to as a zero tax company.

The facts in a nutshell:

  • Privacy and your intellectual property

    • you want to protect yourself and your projects from curious observers or the competition
    • nobody should know that it is your projects or which projects they are
    • you want to avoid warnings and legal disputes
    • 100% privacy and anonymity of your own is very important
  • Digital nomads

    • You are travelling and working wherever you want, you are independent. With a Seychelles offshore company you are even more independent, because you can write your bills from anywhere.
    • Your invoices are accepted worldwide
    • With the address of the Seychelles you show your customers that you love travelling and on top of that there is probably no better address, because who does not dream of the Seychelles
    • no need to reside in the Seychelles for your offshore company
    • You do not pay taxes for the services you provide, as Seychelles is tax-free for you as long as you do not do business or do business within the Seychelles.
  • For whom is a Seychelles IBC offshore company suitable:

    • Digital nomads
    • SEO and SEM Agency
    • Virtual Assistant
    • Service providers
    • Licensees and License holder
    • Trading via Internet
    • Webmaster
    • E-Commerce
    • Affiliates
    • Dropshipping
    • Independent companies
    • Consultants
    • Legal advisors
    • For the liability of real estate
    • Emigrants and Expatriates
    • For inheritance purposes
    • Ownership of intellectual property rights
    • Dealers of all kinds
    • Youtuber
  • The procedure

    • To start an offshore company in a third country.
    • A director who can also work for you outside your home and then connect all the online projects you have with this new company.
    • This is done e.g. by changing the WHOIS data of the domain(s) and adjusting the data and indicating the Seychelles address within the imprint of the respective project. Ideally, this should be done before any sales/profit is generated.
    • Afterwards one announces this Seychelles offshore company to its tax office and indicates that one is e.g. the sole shareholder of the company and thus the only economic beneficiary.
  • Taxes

    • Thus, one continues to pay taxes from the profits of the offshore company at his place of residence and operates legally and legally this offshore company from abroad.
    • On top of that, this has the advantage that if you actually want to leave your place of residence at some point, the company is already abroad and you no longer have the whole fuss with exit tax and e.g. the German AStG.
  • Legal matters

    • As far as legal issues are concerned, the company is regarded as a foreign company from a third country in the EU and is no longer relevant from the time of its establishment and use with regard to European legal requirements such as the GDRP or the like.
    • Thus one is safe from warnings and completely legal.
    • IBC Act 2018, the offshore law of Seychelles
  • Rumour and gossip

    • The fake news that a foreign company from a third country, for example, must also comply with the basic data protection regulation (GDRP) is wrong. the registered office of the company and the rights/laws of the home country are decisive.
  • Safety guard

    • Of course, a Seychelles offshore does not protect against matters covered by the Criminal Code. Nevertheless, many criminal law confuse and confuse with private law. If one should be warned, because e.g. within the imprint something is missing that is private law. This has nothing to do with criminal matters such as fraud.
    • Through a Seychelles offshore company it is nevertheless ideally solved to avoid disputes, such as cease-and-desist letters safely and legally, because these no longer exist from the deployment of a Seychelles offshore company.