Certificate / Certificate of Incorporation (COI)

Certificate / Certificate of Incorporation (COI

As a replacement or copy

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Do you need a replacement Certificate of Incorporation or a copy?

About the FSA (Financial Services Authority) of the Seychelles we have the possibility to have a new certificate of incorporation issued for each company in the Seychelles.
The company did not have to be previously incorporated through us. The Certificate of Incorporation is an official document issued by the Government of Seychelles.

Anyone can send a replacement or a copy of the

Certificate of Incorporation

apply through us, not just the company founder or owner. You can obtain the deed/certificate in respect of registered IBCs by providing us with either the company name and/or company number.

This certificate is optionally provided with an apostille. certified, should it need to be presented abroad. This ensures that the document is officially recognized as a document of Seychelles.

An Apostille legalises documents for international use so that they are recognised under the Hague Convention.

The Certificate of Incorporation is included free of charge when ordering an offshore IBC company.


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4 reviews for Zertifikat / Certificate of Incorporation (COI)

  1. Great Service -

    Great Service

  2. Anonymous -

    I was not a client before and had not incorporated my Seychelles company with them. But it was simple to get the cert within a week.

  3. Nick -

    I lost my cert and got here a new one

  4. ... -

    Simple, quick and cheap, no probs for Certificate of Incorporation

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