Virtual Address | Virtual Office

Virtual Address | Virtual Office

Letter, - and postal address

Virtual address | Virtual office in the Seychelles

This is what your new virtual address will look like:

Your freely designable address line
Bel Ombre Rd. xxxx
00000 Beau Vallon, Mahé


Annual fees


We know sometimes an entire offshore company is too much, too big, too costly...

Virtual Address | Virtual Office

Thus, there is also a small solution that virtual addressor the virtual office.

Especially for smaller ventures, difficult website topics or simply because you want to be reachable with a Seychelles address, this solution brings exactly what you need.

It protects against Warning letters or letters from lawyers, it's good to have Pseudonym for example, writes and distributes books or eBooks.

Can always be used for the WHOIS when registering domain names to protect his data from third parties and anonymous to stay.

Or maybe you just want to have a second, another accessible address for your offshore company. No matter if this is in the Caribbean (BVI), in Europe, e.g. Cyprus, USA or in Asia is registered. One that is always available, where you receive mail that is scanned and sent to you via eMail, or even with DHL Express Courier is delivered to you?

Maybe you would like to protect your existing address, e.g. for data protection or privacy reasons, and set up mail forwarding with our address?

The possibilities for the use of a Seychelles address are manifold, you decide yourself for which purpose you want to use it.

Registration is easy, there is no paperwork, nothing to fill out, no proof of documents such as passport, ID card or utility bills.

Simply order via our shop system and within 24 hours your address is available and set up.

Of course, the address has a deliverable street address and not just a post office box.

For a period of 12 months, we scan every envelope of incoming mail on the day it is received. You decide whether we open and scan the envelope or whether you want the letter sent by DHL. It is always your decision.

This Service is also intended to give existing worldwide offshore companies (IBC) not incorporated through us and private individuals the opportunity to have a 2nd address in the Seychelles.

What's included:

  • Virtual address

  • Virtual office

  • Mailing and postal address:


    • For your company
    • As a private person
    • As an organization
    • your website
    • your domain
    • To the postal redirection
    • ...and for much more...
  • Real name, anonymous name, pseudonym, etc.

  • 200 scans included per year

  • Set up in 24 hours

  • For 12 months, valid, usable, achievable

  • Easy to order, no documents required

  • Free of charge when ordering an offshore company


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