Seychelles Offshore Company Formation Schedule

Offshore Seychelles

We like it fair. All, following steps are included in our fees. No additional hidden costs.

Offshore Seychelles

We do much more than others for our clients. Starting a Seychelles offshore company is our passion

Offshore Seychelles

Transparency of our work for you as a customer is important to us, which is why we are happy to show you this below

The schedule and procedure of your Seychelles offshore company formation

Offshore company Seychelles, no travel, no paperwork, anonymous and fast

We like it fair and show you all steps transparently

The schedule

  • After your order in our online shop

    • The procedure & process of your Seychelles Offshore Company Formation begins
    • You must not arrive, we do everything and to 100% online
    • After ordering in our online shop you will receive a special eMail with the request to send us a copy of your passport. and identity card or driver's license by e-mail
    • Only two of the above documents are sufficient
    • If you have only one of the above mentioned documents, we need this document authenticated
    • We also require proof of address. A copy, e.g. of your electricity bill or another type of consumption bill, also bank statement or a credit card statement, are possible (only one of the documents is required).
    • It is important that an address is visible on the documents
    • The consumption bills and statements provided by you must not be older than 3 months.
  • Examination of 1-5 possible company names:

    If not already specified when ordering, we ask you again for the desired name of your future Seychelles offshore company. To do this, we ask you to give us 1- 5 names (more are welcome), ranked according to your favourites. Please note that none of these words may be used in your future company name:

    • Insurance
    • Bank
    • Building society
    • Chamber of Commerce
    • Cooperative
    • Certified
    • Royal names (King, Emperor, Prince, etc.)
    • Fuse
    • Municipal names (country, region, etc.)
    • Trust
    • Foundation
    • Fund

    Of course, this also applies to other languages, such as English:

    • Assurance
    • Bank(s)
    • Building Society
    • Chamber of Commerce
    • Chartered
    • Cooperative
    • Imperial
    • Insurance
    • Municipal
    • Trust
    • Foundation
    • Fund

    Please do not use words which have a similar meaning to any of the above, or any other word which the Register considers to suggest or describe Seychelles or the Government of Seychelles or any other country or the Government of that country.
    In addition, the name of the business should not be indecent, offensive or, in the opinion of the Registry, otherwise offensive or misleading, or confused with another business, regardless of where it is registered. Even a registered trade mark in Seychelles or elsewhere should not describe your business unless you produce a trade mark certificate when placing an order.

  • Now you have the possibility to choose one of the following company extensions:

    • Limited
    • Ltd.
    • Corporation
    • Corp.

    Example: Company name Limited or Company name Ltd, not both.

  • Description of the new Seychelles offshore company:

    • Please state the purpose, as a short description in 1-2 sentences, of the new offshore / IBC company to be founded
      Example: Trade with licenses and domain names and / or online projects
  • Foundation:

    • Your 5 desired company names, including a short description of the future offshore company, will now be checked for you in the register.
    • After the registry has approved one or more names, you decide which name you want to use for your Seychelles offshore company.
    • If the Registry rejects all of your proposed names, we ask you to submit an additional 5 new names (no further costs)
    • After the company name accepted by the registry has been reserved for you, the actual incorporation of your offshore company begins.
    • The memorandum and articles of association will now be prepared for you by the notary public
    • The original shall be submitted to the Registry for authentication and signature.
    • At the same time, the professional representative pays all the necessary fees for the establishment
    • Within 24-48 hours we then receive back all documents from the register, in addition also the original certificate (COI) issued by the register of the Seychelles Offshore Company
  • Notary, Apostille and Supreme Court

    • Now the certification process begins with the presentation of the documents if necessary and as an option with a notary, since sometimes notarial certifications required by the bank, e.g. the certificate of good standing or a Certificates of Incumbency
    • With all the documents we go to the Supreme Court of the Seychelles where we ask for an apostille for your Seychelles offshore company.
    • Normally we receive your documents, with the Apostille then certified and returned the same day or the next day.
  • Preparation of your original documents for shipment by DHL Express courier

    • After examination of all documents these are scanned, if requested before you by email sent and afterwards by DHL express courier to your desired address. If desired, we can also ship with FedEx
    • The normal delivery time for express mail is 3-7 business days.
    • Your original documents will be delivered to you personally by a DHL Express Courier delivered
    • The procedure & process of your Seychelles offshore company formation is complete
  • What happens after that?

    • Your company is now valid for 12 months
    • There is nothing else for you to do at this time
    • We are now setting up your registered addresswhich is already included in our foundation costs, in the Seychelles a
    • 12 months we are now ready to do things for you, e.g. notarizations or whatever you need
    • We will also accept incoming mail for you, scan it and inform you about it by eMail.
    • Approximately 11 months after incorporation we will contact you again to ask if you would like to extend your offshore company for a further 12 months.
    • Hereby s.g. Renewal fees arise for the next 12 months, also Subsequent costs which we fairly stagger for future years, because we like loyalty and long-term business relationships.
    • If you are no longer interested in your Offshore company, a simple email to us is sufficient. There arise then none further follow-up costs.
    • Also for the decommissioning of your offshore company, IBC arise no charges