Seychelles Offshore Company Change & Transfer

Your existing Seychelles offshore company needs a:

Change & Transfer of Registered Agent and Agency

Offshore company Seychelles, no travel, no paperwork, anonymous and fast


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Switch & Transfer

We also offer you the change & transfer to transfer your existing Seychelles offshore company to us. In the future, we would then be your contact and you benefit from all of our Service offerings.

A change & transfer of the registered agent of a Seychelles offshore IBC to us is not difficult, because you have already provided all the documents when forming your Seychelles offshore company. Thus we only need a copy of the certificate of incorporation, the passport and a current consumption statement.

We also require a simple document, prepared by us and signed by you, showing that you intend to switch to us and make the change.

The name of your offshore company remains the same, as do all the other things such as the director, the memorandum, the date of incorporation etc.
Only at your request, we can also make a change, for example, the change of director. The change of the offshore company will then take place within 5-30 days, will be confirmed by the register and from the moment of the change, all our services will be available to you.

After the switch, you also have the option of having us create for you and your offshore company a Certificate of Incumbency and / or a Certificate of Good Standing Exhibit.

Of course, you will receive all documents by DHL Express courier, just as with a new company.

Want to chat with us to learn more? Here is the link to our Chat.

You have problems such as:

  • You are dissatisfied with the current agency

  • Your agency is difficult or impossible to reach

  • You need additional services and / or services

  • Issue of a Certificate of Incumbency

  • Issue of a Certificate of Good Standing

And you will need:

  • Multilingual fast service

  • Transfer within 5-30 days

  • All costs included, no hidden costs


Change and transfer of your offshore company to us

  • Retention of the company name in the register
  • Preparation or amendment of the memorandum
  • Incl. registered address in the Seychelles
  • Problem-free change and change of agency
  • Submission of amendments to the competent registry
  • Incl. payment of the complete change and transfer costs
  • Incl. the 1st annual fee of the new Registered Agent
  • Incl. the 1st annual fee for the new registered office
  • Incl. the 1st year administration fee and the registration fee
  • Incl. mail service and mail scan for up to 100 documents/letters and send by email (for 12 months)
  • Confirmation of the registered office for documentation
  • Confirmation of the Registered Agent for documentation
  • Extract from the register of directors
  • Extract from the share register
  • Incl. apostille and certification by the Supreme Court of the Seychelles
  • Incl. contact person in German / English / French language
    on the spot in the Seychelles for all your needs (for 12 months)
  • Incl. DHL Express shipping of documents within the EU and worldwide


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Letzte Bewertungen, für Wechsel & Transfer der Seychellen Offshore Firma, vom: July, 2024

3 reviews for Wechsel & Transfer der Seychellen Offshore Firma

  1. Claus H. -

    Man what can I say - it wasn't all that easy. But I was so dissatisfied with my agent before and had to go through with it. As the saying goes, "he who buys cheap pays twice". That's exactly what happened to me. In the hope and because I didn't see any differences online, I had decided on the cheaper offer, although I had also enquired here. But why pay more for the same service, I thought. No way, that had turned out to be the case right after the foundation and also during the course of it. Now I've landed here and hope that the decision to switch from my previous agent was the right one. So far everything is good, everyone is trying hard. I'll report back in a few months.

  2. wzvxjcqkp -

    Change & Transfer of Reg. Agent of your Seychelles Offshore Company
    Was some effort -not for me- but in general, but has worked and I am more than satisfied now. Let's see what time brings with it.

  3. Ibrahim M -

    I had nothing but trouble with my previous agent and his company. The start-up was ok, but after that he was mostly unavailable or charged fees that were simply unfair and overpriced. I have to admit that the change to Offshore Seychelles was not easy for me either, because it was also very expensive and you don't know whether the service you need will be just as unreachable afterwards and at what cost.
    After 2 years, however, I have to give them a 5-star recommendation. Always, really always available. Fair and transparent billing, everything is discussed in advance. That's what makes it fun!

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