Instructions for an EU Bank account

Bank account in the EU

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Instructions for an EU Bank account

Many offshore company founders find it difficult to open a bank account after incorporation. This is partly because European banks want to know and understand their customers better through KYC (know your customer) for security reasons, and partly because they have to take preventive measures by law for protection against money laundering, terrorist financing, etc.

Lump sum therefore  to recommend that this or any other bank would be guaranteed to open a bank account is not possible.

Often it depends on the person to be approached, the business model, what history you have if any and most importantly how well you can present yourself.
Add to that the location of the company headquarters outside Europe and it is almost impossible to open a bank account.

But we have an almost 100% perfect path found a bank account in the EU with IBAN to open. A guide to an EU Bank account as an eBook in PDF form.

This Service is intended to give existing offshore companies, which have not been established through us, the same opportunity to open a bank account in the EU.

Here are the instructions for an EU Bank account:

  • FREE for existing customers

  • When setting up a new offshore company through us FREE OF CHARGE


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  1. Alain CHAPUIS -

    Je souhaite acquérir votre guide pour un compte bancaire européen sous forme de livre électronique au format PDF

  2. Thomas B. -

    5 € for that eBook was a great deal for that cool tip to become a bank account in Europe

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