Advantages and disadvantages of establishing an IBC

No, this is not a rant against our colleagues. Because most of them do the job just as well as we do. As the saying goes, "we all boil with the same water".

However, one must think a little further here, or educate, sensitize.
The reason for this is the constitution of the Seychelles.
This states that you may not disclose data to third parties under penalty of law. Whether as a company or as part of the government. It is forbidden by law.

Why this introduction?

Now imagine you incorporate with an offshore agency in Europe. Different laws apply there and if there are inquiries, whether about you or your offshore company, the agencies and their employees are exposed to a completely different pressure.
In Europe, you can quickly be forced by the courts and authorities to hand over data. Your data! What that means you can quickly imagine for yourself.

The disadvantages of European start-up agencies

Another point to keep in mind as well is that by giving out your personal information, at least one other person will know your information, if not an entire company with possibly many small as well as large gaps.
It is also important to know that almost none of the European incorporation agencies are directly connected to the registry for the incorporation of an offshore company, or do not directly register your offshore company for you there.

Thus, further possibilities arise here that your data are insecure, possibly develop into Panama Papers. A risk that should be avoided at all costs.

Another small hurdle is not only the transfer of your data, but also the time, because it arises that several companies, founding agencies or employees are busy with the foundation, significantly more effort. Not to forget also that here quickly times with a mishap, something wrong or not correctly communicated.

We all know the game "Silent Post", where something is said at the beginning and the last person in the chain names the result, which usually says something completely different than the origin.
And while we are on the subject of correction or an extra wish if necessary, it is also important to note that this will take far more time than setting up directly with a Seychelles incorporation agency.

About us and your advantages

Offshore Seychelles is a Seychelles registered incorporation agency based in Seychelles. Specialized in Seychelles. Only for the Seychelles. Our local channels are simple and direct. We are governed by Seychelles law and do not disclose information to third parties. We have been around since 2007.

For an ideal communication, support and management of your offshore affairs, we speak several languages, so that we represent an ideal bridge for you, where you do not encounter language barriers and are therefore forced to access only to your location (country) and your native language appropriate incorporation agencies.

For us on site, many things are also easier, because we know notaries, lawyers, the registry and all other service providers around the topic of offshore IBC. It is always only a very short way for us to implement your wishes and ideas.
We are also in the Supreme Court of the Seychelles several times a week, can do many things for you immediately, without restriction and with an extremely broad knowledge base.

Modern and contemporary payment options

Our payment options are impressive, because we accept not only credit card payments via Amex (American Express), VISA or MasterCard, but also PayPal and Bitcoins. Also SEPA or SWIFT bank transfers.

ConclusionSetting up an offshore IBC directly in the Seychelles without any detours is easy, fast and far more secure. Your data is protected by the constitution and laws, nothing is lost and communication is perfect.

If you would now like to know how you can set up an offshore IBC as quickly, easily and safely as possible, follow this link:

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