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The perfect business: Offshore Seychelles offers company founders individual advice

Sure, whoever hears "Seychelles" probably first thinks of holidays in dreamlike surroundings, with endless sandy beaches and wonderful scenery. But the island paradise has much more to offer. Indeed, the Seychelles are not only interesting for tourists, but also for entrepreneurs. "They offer very special advantages for the establishment of offshore companies, and completely legally," knows Karl Schnürch, the owner of Offshore Seychelles.

What are the benefits of setting up an offshore company?

Founders of companies don't exactly have it easy these days. Especially at the beginning, you have to count on every penny. With the International Business Companies Act 1994 and the IBC extension in 2016 and 2018, the offshore area of Seychelles has become even more interesting for foreign companies.

The unique legal system of the island state has many advantages. For example, there is an improved liability structure or the possibility to remain anonymous in order to avoid annoying competitors. Sometimes smaller companies simply need a virtual office with a real address. In addition, offshore company formation offers the opportunity to free oneself from European or worldwide regulations, to save oneself the stress with lawyers or to secure licenses, patents and assets.
Why offshore?

Offshore as a career springboard

For example, those who want to run an independent business as a digital nomad, as many do nowadays, are also well advised with an offshore company. SEO service providers, licensees, e-commerce and dropshipping operators, consultants, expatriates, intellectual property rights defenders - the list of possible users of a legal offshore company in Seychelles is long.

Today, Seychelles is one of the leading offshore centers, not only in the Indian Ocean, but even worldwide. They inspire with their freedom of movement and infrastructure. Especially for a clientele that ranges from private investors to company founders to global corporations.

A great advantage: First-class advice for German and international interested parties

"We have been in the Seychelles for 13 years," reports Karl Schnürch. "As native speakers, we offer advice in German and also English so that everything runs smoothly."
Because Offshore Seychelles's team of experts knows their stuff, they don't just offer company formation services. "We can also optionally build real substance. If desired, we take care of the office, employees, address incl. service charge billing and much more," says the owner of Offshore Seychelles.

The company Offshore Seychelles offers more than ten years of experience and an excellent local network. "It makes sense to have contact persons on site," says Karl Schnürch. "We are always available and can communicate in many languages. Anyone can set up an IBC offshore company in the Seychelles - regardless of location."

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What do I get?

Offshore Seychelles, directly in the Seychelles and without detours set up an offshore company with us without traveling

The range of services offered by Offshore Seychelles

Anyone wishing to incorporate a company in Seychelles can do so within 24 to 72 hours. Offshore Seychelles engages a registered agent approved by the FSA for this purpose. Upon request, the Supreme Court of Seychelles will prepare individual incorporation documents with an apostille. All original documents can be delivered by DHL express courier. The new Seychelles offshore company includes but is not limited to:

  • Checking the desired company name in the register (5 names)
  • Preparation of the memorandum of the Seychelles Offshore Company
  • Preparation of foundation applications
  • Submission of applications for incorporation to the competent registry
  • Incl. payment of the complete incorporation costs
  • Incl. the 1st annual fee of the Registered Agent (for 12 months)
  • Incl. the 1st annual fee for the registered office (for 12 months)
  • Incl. 1st year administration and register fee (for 12 months)
  • Incl. mail scan for up to 100 scans and send by eMail (for 12 months)
  • Confirmation of the registered office for documentation
  • Confirmation of the Registered Agent for documentation
  • Extract from the register of directors
  • Extract from the share register
  • Apostille, certification by the Supreme Court of the Seychelles
  • Original certificate from Seychelles Offshore Company
  • Share certificates of the Seychelles Offshore Company
  • Front page of the NATION, local newspaper of the Seychelles, within the foundation phase
  • DHL Express shipping of documents within the EU and worldwide
  • as well as further options, if desired

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