Commercial Register Seychelles

Commercial Register Seychelles

Linkage and collaboration

Offshore Seychelles and the Commercial Register of Seychelles are now working together.

This has many advantages for all offshore company owners who have an offshore IBC in Seychelles. There is the advantage of a listing of the offshore company, so that third parties can obviously verify the Seychelles IBC, thus confirming that it exists.

Furthermore, with the registered address of the IBC it is possible to get a Proof of Address including an extract / certificate, which is always needed or often requested by third parties.

If you need another address for your LTD, Limited, Corp. or Corporation, you can use Offshore Seychelles to get an additional or new address which will then also be entered in the Commercial Register Seychelles.

Of course, the Commercial Register of Seychelles also accepts local companies, so far there are about 4000 entries. Offshore companies like Special License, Security Dealer License of Seychelles can also register.

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The entry in the register is free of charge!

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