What information and documents do you need from us to register the IBC?


Only a few documents are required for the formation of a company

Basically, we need for the company formation:

  • A name for your IBC, you can submit up to 5 suggestions, which we will have reviewed and approved by the registry.
  • The mention of the amount of the share capital, you can determine it yourself, it should be determined between USD 1.00 to USD 100,000 Standard are USD 100,000. A deposit of the share capital is not necessary.
  • The names and addresses of the directors
    (unless you would like us to Nominee Director pose)
  • The names, addresses and number of shares for each shareholder
  • The specific activities proposed by the IBC
    (even if the IBC will have the most general objectives in its memorandum)
  • The countries in which the IBC will have an activity
  • The source of funds to establish the IBC and make it work
  • We may also ask you why you chose an IBC in the Seychelles
  • A valid passport and an identity card (uncertified) or one of the two documents, authenticated
  • A utility bill, a bank statement... or a credit card statement
    (just one of them)
  • A signed KYC form
    (can you here download)
  • A description of the activity and the project of your offshore company, in 1-3 sentences

Depending on the specific activities and other special requirements, but in very rare cases, we may ask you for further information to ensure that your proposed activities for company incorporation are legal in Seychelles.

You can find more and further information in our Lexicon/Glossary or in the IBC Act.

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