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Offshore Company Seychelles

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Offshore company Seychelles, no travel, no paperwork, anonymous and fast

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The Seychelles offer exceptional advantages to the company founder when establishing an offshore company. These include maximum discretion and a consistent zero-tax policy.
With the introduction and adoption of the International Business Companies (IBC) Act in 1994 and its enlargement in 2016, and 2018, the offshore sector of the Seychelles has become an important source of income alongside tourism. Seychelles has managed to present its remoteness and unique legal system efficiently and convincingly to an international audience of entrepreneurs.

Modern offshore companies, with limited liability and no hassle!

In these days one no longer sets up a Seychelles offshore company for tax reasons alone. In addition to the guaranteed complete anonymity, an improved liability structure is also the reason for setting up a company with us.

In addition to the guaranteed complete anonymity, an improved liability structure is also the reason for a foundation with us. It has also turned out that an improved liability structure, or simply to remain anonymous, is also often desired as a solution.

Especially in the times of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), one might also want to free oneself from European or worldwide regulations. This saves you the stress with lawyers and also with bad-tempered competitors.

Our customers also include digital nomads who are constantly looking for the best solution to run an independent business. Or when it comes to securing licenses, patents and assets, a Seychelles offshore company is ideal.

Digital nomads, SEO and service providers, licensees, trading over the Internet (e-commerce), dropshipping, independent companies, consultants / legal advisors, emigrants, for inheritance purposes and because of intellectual property rights ownership are just a few examples of who and what a Seychelles offshore company can legally be used for.

No data to third parties!

Your data is safe with us several times over. We do not store any relevant data in our online and ordering system. Even after the company is founded, we keep all documents externally for your protection. Of course we never pass on data to third parties. Our communication is e.g. via telegram or chat encrypted and all emails are signed. Also the registry does not find out for whom we establish the offshore company. The director directory is not public and on request we offer a nominee director Service on.

The Seychelles are one of the world's leading offshore countries (jurisdictions). They inspire with their freedom of movement and their infrastructure which is not open to the public. Specially equipped for a clientele ranging from private investors to company founders and global corporations.

When will you incorporate your offshore company in the Seychelles?

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