Does an IBC have to have an office in the Seychelles?


An IBC can now also operate locally

Does an IBC have to have an office in the Seychelles?

No, it doesn't have to. However, with the extension of the IBC Act 2018, valid since 01.01.2019, the possibility was created to operate locally with an IBC.
This makes equally the extension for the creation of Substance with office and employees easier. Because these local employees are now also allowed to work for the offshore company work and if you continue to work only offshore and do not earn any income in the Seychelles, you will continue to be exempt from tax.

Another advantage of the substance is that you are now much clearer with your offshore company against the tax law in your country, since the IBC can now have proper office space, consumption statements, possibly vehicles and insurance certificates, etc. can receive. Thus you have from now on at any time a so called Proof of address that shows each country and their tax system that you work with your IBC independently out of the Seychelles.

The previous statement that an IBC can only hire its own offices in Seychelles to establish or maintain professional contacts with lawyers, accountants, bookkeepers, trust companies, management companies, investment advisers or similar persons doing business in Seychelles or to keep books and records of the company in Seychelles is therefore no longer complete but still contains this passage including the above extension.

You can find more and further information in our Lexicon/Glossary or in the IBC Act.

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