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An editorial and commentary by the founder of the website offshore.sc,
Karl Schnürch

When I first entered the Seychelles in 2007, I came on behalf of a client. This client wanted to have Set up an offshore company and I was very curious to know how to implement this.

At that time, there were only about 50,000 IBCs in the Seychelles, and the infrastructure could not be compared with today. So I looked around, sought out lawyers, discussed this, the local notaries and service providers.

The formation of the first offshore company then took about 2 weeks, it was an adventure, but also a good learning curve.
Not only because offshore was new to me, the topic offshore and all foundation processes had to be set up for me first and I had to look for reliable partners.

The people of the Seychelles and also their mentality were so completely different than I had imagined

But in an absolutely positive sense. It was so much fun to learn new things, the people were so open-minded, helpful, - I came to the Seychelles several times this year 2007 and in the end I unexpectedly fell in love with this country, the Seychellois(e).

Since that time I have been living locally in the Seychelles and almost every partner and team member as well.

In 2008 I also founded my first own offshore IBC. The Domainer AG. The experience of the clients for whom I had founded in the meantime and the processes had been set up, this also inspired me. A network of professional service providers, Notaries and lawyers, which has remained almost unchanged to this day and which I and the entire team can fall back on every day, had also made it very, very easy for me.

Domainer AG, certificate of incorporation from 2008

The website at offshore.sc

The website at offshore.sc was only set up much later and the intention was to create a website that focused on the formation of an IBC, specifically and only in the Seychelles. On the other hand, to provide comprehensive information about offshore online, to illustrate.
This has not changed until today. Every day the website is updated with new topics, corrections are made, adjustments are made, - more ideas are sought for how to offer visitors to the website an even better Added valuein many languages, understandably.
It should also be easy to set up an offshore company online, even with a smartphone. It should also be completely transparent, so that you can read up on everything, see for yourself, - about all processes, the procedure before the order and afterwards and also about the IBC laws.

The online shop system and all contents are up to date, technical and informative. It is checked, updated and monitored several times a day. All safety precautions, such as a secure SSL 256 bit transmission, by valid certificates and many more things, which I will not go into here, are implemented. It has advantages, if you, like me, as an entrepreneur and board member of several German stock corporations, come from the IT scene and have almost 30 years of Internet and marketing experience.

But you can't do it alone!

Therefore a heartfelt and special thank you to all Clientspartners, team members behind and beside me. To all those who support me with so much heart blood, who let me think daily, even critically. Only through an intelligent, forward-thinking and professional team, as well as a basic network, you can get as far as we are and after more than a decade, it is still great fun, or rather, - just because of that.

To pass on all our knowledge to our clients transparently and fairly is our highest goal. Maybe soon to you too!

Sincerely and with sunny greetings,

Your Karl Schnürch

Mailing address:

POST Service & Consulting Limited
Offshore Seychelles
Independence Ave. 1523
Victoria, Mahé, Seychelles


Sorento / Glacis
Mahé, Seychelles
+248 2753440
[email protected]

Data protection is a very important issue

The Seychelles have a very interesting view on this, as data protection is integrated into the constitution.

This has created enormous Advantages for every founderThe Constitution prohibits by law the disclosure of any information to third parties outside of the Seychelles.

We strictly adhere to it!

Under no circumstances would we disclose the names and addresses of directors, shareholders and beneficial owners. In addition, like all other Seychelles incorporation agencies, we will only file extracts of resolutions with the Registry that do not contain this information. All registers will definitely not be filed anywhere and will remain with us only.

Information on the directors and shareholders is therefore not publicly evident/available. Although we keep all registers, we do not archive them either online or with any authority. In most cases we would therefore completely ignore any request and only YOU inform about a possible request.

There is one exception. At the request of the Seychelles criminal authorities (FIU), we are legally obliged to provide all necessary information to the criminal authorities if we suspect criminal offences, - such as those relating to the financing of terrorism, the arms trade and/or the associated international money laundering. However, the criminal authorities are also obliged to maintain absolute secrecy. Only the courts of Seychelles may disclose private information to the public during a judicial proceeding.

Secure ordering process through 256 Bit SSL encryption

Your data is also very safe with us with every order. Because we ask in our online shop only the first name and the email address as necessary information for the order. No data is stored in our online shop to protect your data in the best possible way. All other fields are optional and have no condition. Of course you will still receive an invoice with your requested information. You can also determine the invoice text yourself if you wish.

And as mentioned above, - all safety precautions, such as a secure SSL 256 bit transmission during the ordering process, are implemented perfectly and for your absolute security in the shop or ordering system by valid SSL certificates and many other things.

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