Why us?

Offshore Seychelles

We live in the Seychelles, not elsewhere and specialise in Seychelles offshore companies

Offshore Seychelles

We speak German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, Russian and Arabic

Offshore Seychelles

More than 10 years experience and the best local network in the Seychelles

Why we should be your offshore partner?

Offshore company Seychelles, no travel, no paperwork, anonymous and fast

Based in the Seychelles, we speak many languages and have more than 10 years experience

Why us? As a local contact partner, we not only know every stone, but also have all the necessary lawyers, notaries, registered agents and consultants at hand. We know what a Apostille and how to apply to the Supreme Court of the Seychelles. Of course, we have a direct line to all shipping companies, so that your confidential documents will arrive at 100%. With more than 10 years of experience and the best network in the Seychelles, we are well equipped and your partner for your Seychelles Offshore Company.
If the "Why us?" is not sufficiently answered for you, we are happy to Contact to us or via the Chat.

Why us?:

  • Seat in the Seychelles

    • Of course it is useful to have a contact person directly on site in the Seychelles
    • This way we can always react quickly and directly to your requirements
    • You can also be sure that all documents scanned at 100% are identical to the original.
    • We are available
  • Languages

    • Our mother tongue is German and English. However, we communicate mainly in English. If it is easier for you to write to us in your mother tongue or to ask us your questions, we would be equally happy to
  • Experience

    • We know what it means to you to incorporate an offshore company in the Seychelles and we appreciate your trust in us
    • The Seychelles are small, the size of a small town and everyone knows everyone here
    • We therefore have a very trusting relationship with all our partners
    • In over 10 years of our work we have learned every form of challenge. We don't have to ask for institutions when it comes to setting up a company
    • We had some special requirements in the past and are prepared for all eventualities. Nothing is new for us, test us
  • Service Promise

    • Free advice before and after the foundation
    • You will receive constant multilingual support, which you can use unlimited and free of charge before and after the foundation
    • We offer you full discretion. We would be pleased to advise you in detail on this topic
    • Company formation with complete documentation, no gaps and no hidden costs
    • You can view our ratings here

Offshore company formation

Offshore company formation
We set up your offshore IBC in an uncomplicated and confidential manner within 24 hours. We can also provide a nominee director. All advice is given in English or, if desired, in German. No detours and intermediate storage of your data by third parties, because we are directly on site in the Seychelles.

Your data is safe

Your data is safe
In our online shop, we only ask for the first name and the e-mail address as necessary information for the order. No data is stored in our online shop to protect your data in the best possible way. All other fields are optional and have no condition. Of course you will still receive an invoice with your requested information. You can also determine the invoice text yourself if you wish.

IBC Consulting

IBC Consulting
Do you need a free consultation regarding the establishment of an offshore company, IBC? We have been serving our clients for over 10 years.

Notarial certifications

Notarisation by a Notary Public in the Seychelles
We can arrange Seychelles notarisations for your Seychelles offshore IBC company.

Request for an apostille

We take care of the application of an apostille by the Supreme Court of the Seychelles
You need an apostille on a document issued in the Seychelles? We can take the case to the Supreme Court for you and have an apostille affixed. We send a copy by email as a PDF file or send the original via DHL Express courier to you personally.

certificate of good standing

Receive your Certificate of Good Standing (CoGS), immediately and without detours through us
We will have a Certificate of Good Standing (CoGS) drawn up for you directly and directly for each registered IBC at the Register of Seychelles (FSA). The offshore company does not have to be founded through us. Every inquiry, every company is welcome.

Registered address

Registered address
You need an address in the Seychelles? We have them, whether you need a street address, a post office box or both. In addition, we also provide a mail service and forward all mail to you unopened or, on request, opened as a PDF and by email.

Translations of your documents

Translations of your documents
Do you have a document in your language that needs to be translated into English or French before it can be certified by a notary or presented to the authorities? We have been doing this for more than 10 years and have everything at hand. Working directly with personally known notaries.

Power of Attorney (POA)

Power of Attorney (POA)
Through our notaries, we can have a power of attorney, the so-called Power of Attorney, discreetly issued for you and your company. We would also be happy to discuss your draft in your language beforehand or after you or your lawyer/notary have agreed on the content.

substance for your offshore company, IBC

substance for your offshore company, IBC
If you need a substance with office, employees, vehicle fleet etc., we are active. We also take care of a postal address including consumption bills and insurances, so that you have perfect evidence. We are on site in the Seychelles and know the requirements.

Discrete services

Discrete services
Sometimes it is better not to make an appearance, but to discreetly buy art, a company or simply to ask for offers that the competition should not notice. Also register patents, domains and licenses. Tell us your project, we will be happy to help.

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