Do long and complicated forms have to be filled out?


Your data is very, very important to us!

Do long and complicated forms have to be filled out?

Your data is very, very important to us! We therefore do not store anything in our ordering system that could be viewed or spied on by third parties.
We have therefore developed a very simple online ordering process for ordering a Seychelles Offshore Companywhere we expect only the first name and your email address as a condition for filling.
All other fields on the Order page are for accounting purposes only. You can provide us with this information at any time via the communication channel of your choice. We can also adapt the order text or the invoice itself according to your specifications.

If you do not wish to order online, we have a Order form which is quite short and simple. Please download the form as a PDF and then fill it out first (not online). Send us the PDF as eMail ([email protected]) or via a method of your choice.
Important! - This does not constitute a binding order.
We will send you an invoice after your order submission, if there are no corrections from you or us, and with your payment via PayPal, credit card, bank transfer or Bitcoin, your order then becomes binding.

If you have any questions about filling out the order form, we will be happy to help. Upon request, we will be happy to fill it out for you and send it to you for review and signature. Please contact us via our Contact options to us.

Please note that when you place your first order with us, you will need to register as a customer, which usually requires you to enclose your identity card (ID), passport and proof of address (usually a utility bill or a credit card or bank statement that is less than 3 months old).

If you register as an agent, we require a power of attorney from the customer. We treat all data and documents transmitted by you absolutely confidentially - you and To your customer.

You can find more and further information in our Lexicon/Glossary or in the IBC Act.

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