Are legal entities allowed as directors?


Yes, legal entities are allowed

Are legal entities allowed as directors?

Yes, legal entities are allowed. A legal entity from most other countries can be used without restriction. However, the legal entity must still be registered in the commercial register wherever it is registered. It should also be kept in good standing. Its objectives must also enable it to trade.

A Seychelles IBC can also be used, but it cannot be used as a professional service provider (also known as Nominee) unless it is authorised to do so. When an IBC is used as a legal entity in Seychelles, it must act in a genuine capacity, have effective control and keep books of accounts and other records.

Only a Seychelles IBC wholly owned by a licensed corporate service provider can be used as a professional director for any number of other client IBCs.

You can find more and further information in our Lexicon/Glossary or in the IBC Act.

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