Abbreviations and acronyms

Abbreviations, meanings and acronyms from the offshore world

IBC - "International Business Company"
Meaning: International Trading Company

FSA - "Financial Services Authority"
Meaning: Financial Services Authority

FIU - "Financial Intelligence Unit"
Meaning: Seychelles Financial Supervisory Authority

.sc - "Top Level Domain (TLD)"
Meaning: Country code of Seychelles

IBAN - "International Bank Account Number"
Meaning: International bank account number

CoGS - "Certificate of Good Standing"
Meaning: certificate of good standing

POA - "Power of Attorney"
Meaning: A power of attorney

UBO - "Ultimate Beneficial Owner"
Meaning: Beneficial owner

OFC - "Offshore Financial Centers"
Meaning: Offshore Financial Centres

OBU - "Offshore banking units"
Meaning: Offshore bank areas

AML - "Anti-Money Laundering"
Meaning: money laundering regime

KYC - "Know Your Customers"
Meaning: Know your customers

CDD - "Customer Due Diligence"
Meaning: Duty of care towards customers

CFC - "Controlled Foreign Corporation"
Meaning: Rules on controlled foreign relations, or also as ""CFC rules"" known

OECD - "Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development"
Meaning: Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

CoOS - "Certificate of Official Search"
Meaning: Certificate of an official search/search

COI - "Certificate of Incorporation"
Meaning: Certificate of incorporation

DHL - German Parcel Service
Means: Abbreviation from the surnames of the founders:
Dalsey, Hillblom and Lynn

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