Certificate of Good Standing

Offshore Seychelles


Certificate of Good Standing – What is this document and how do I get it?

The Certificate of Good Standing is a document often required by foreign authorities and organisations. Banks and other financial institutions often request these documents to check the status of a Seychelles offshore company.

The certificate can be requested to confirm the company’s official information and also that the company is “in good condition” according to the records of the Seychelles Registry. This means that the company application is up to date and the registrar does not take any action to remove the company from the register.

This certificate is often legalized with an apostille when presented abroad. This will ensure that the document is officially recognised as a Seychelles document.

If you have been asked to legalize your company documents, you can receive an apostille for the certificate of good standing. Apostilles legalise documents for international use so that they are recognised under the Hague Convention.

We can do the Certificate of Good Standing for your Seychelles offshore company, even you haven’t incorporate the company with us.

The following information can also be added on request. The Registrar further certifies that, according to the documents in the company’s file:

  • Information on the Director

  • Registered office of the company

  • Information on subscribers and shareholders

  • Information on share capital


Certificate of Good Standing

  • Incorporation date of the Seychelles Offshore Company
  • IBC registration no. of the Seychelles Offshore Company
  • The above company has been duly incorporated under the International Business Companies Act, 2016
  • The name of the company is still on the Register of the International Business Companies and the company has paid all fees, license fees and penalties due and payable under the provisions of the IBC Act, 2016
  • The Company has not submitted, to the Registrar, Articles of Merger or Consolidation that have not yet become effective
  • The Company has not submitted, to the Registrar, Articles of Arrangement that have not yet become effective
  • The Company is not in the process of being wound up or dissolved
  • No proceedings have been instituted to strike the name of the company off the said Register
  • In so far as is evidenced by the documents filed with the Registrar, the Company is in good legal standing.
  • Signed and authorized by the registry of Seychelles
  • Optional with Apostille, issued by the Supreme court of Seychelles
  • Send as PDF by eMail or with optional costs by DHL Express Courier