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Free consultation before founding your Seychelles offshore company

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Incorporation of your Seychelles Offshore Company within 24-72 hours

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Sending your original incorporation documents with DHL Express Courier

What do I get with my Seychelles Offshore IBC?

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Free consultation before founding and Incorporation within 24-72 hours

Seychelles has become modern and has adapted to many specifications and requirements. Gone are the days when you only connected a mailbox company with a Seychelles offshore company or simply opened a mailbox company from abroad.

Today, a Seychelles offshore company can be designed and built to withstand any tax audit.

The solution is to internationalize. Seychelles is ideally placed to connect to the world from there.

The excellent school education of the Seychellois, their multilingualism built up from childhood in German, English, French, Italian, etc., the infrastructural, as well as financially favourable possibilities, can perfectly operate offices and call centers.

Also the extremely favorable time difference of only 2-4 hours to Europe (e.g. if it is 11 am in the morning on the Seychelles, it is only 7 am in the morning in London) rounds off the operation of a Seychelles offshore company from the Seychelles.

From a technical point of view, too, there is nothing to worry about and a lot can be arranged. Internet, call diversion, call acceptance on the telephone in english or other preferred language, answering emails are all no foreign topics.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, because we have managed some companies for decades as board members of several stock corporations, managed companies with more than 250 employees and know exactly what a company, the tax office and others demand and expect.

why us as a partner for your incorporating Seychelles Offshore Company

What do i get is an important question, because for us transparency is important, why we do not make nested offers, but offer the most important for a new Seychelles offshore company in one package. So you don’t have to search for what you need.
Also all renewal costs we have clearly described.

We do not offer you an apparently inexpensive offer for which this and that has to be booked retrospectively.

Your Seychelles offshore company will be incorporated within 24-72 hours by one of the registered Agents, licensed in Seychelles by the FSA. If desired, we will have individual foundation documents prepared by the Supreme Court with an apostille and then send all original documents to you by DHL Express courier.

  • Your new Seychelles Offshore Company includes:

    • Check of the desired company name in the register (5 names)
    • Preparation of the memorandum of the Seychelles company
    • Preparation of foundation applications
    • Submission of foundation applications to the competent registry
    • incl. payment of the complete formation fees
    • incl. the 1st annual fee of the Registered Agent (for 12 months)
    • incl. the 1st annual fee for the Registered Office (for 12 months)
    • incl. the 1st annual administration and the registration fee (for 12 months)
    • Incl. post-scan for up to 100 scans and send by eMail (for 12 months)
    • Confirmation of Registered . Office for documentation
    • Confirmation of the Registered Agent for documentation
    • Extract from the register of directors
    • Extract from the shareholder register
    • Apostille, accreditation by Seychelles Supreme Court
    • Original Certificate of the Seychelles Offshore Company
    • Share Certificates of the Seychelles Offshore Company
    • Title page of the nation, local newspaper of the Seychelles, within the founding period
    • DHL Express Dispatch of documents within the EU and worldwide