Certificate of Incumbency

Offshore Seychelles


Certificate of Incumbency – What is this document and how do I get it?

International banks often request a certificate of ownership for their Seychelles offshore company. For bank accounts to be opened abroad, customers are requested to submit a certificate of incumbency.

Certificate of incumbency is a document that is widely used in many countries. There is no mandatory or fixed format for this document and there is no official government document with this name in the Seychelles.

The most common version of the certificate of incumbency merely describes how the company was established or describes the current corporate structure. This usually includes a certificate of the country of registration, the official address, and information on the company’s executive bodies and shareholders.

One of the most common applications of the certificate of incumbency is the confirmation of the company’s signatories. Banks often require this from international companies that require a foreign bank account.

An alternative document in the Seychelles is the Certificate of good standing. This is an official document confirming the registrar’s information. The document published by the Seychelles Registry is often used internationally, especially when opening bank accounts abroad. However, the document does not confirm who is authorized to sign documents for the company.

If you have been asked to legalize your company documents, you can receive an apostille for the certificate of incumbency. Apostilles legalise documents for international use so that they are recognised under the Hague Convention.

Additional information can also be given on the certificate. Examples of this are:

  • information on where the business registers are kept

  • Information on any mortgages or fees

  • Information on the signatories of the bank account

  • Information on the governing bodies of the company which may conclude an agreement on behalf of the company

  • Confirmation that the company is in good condition and not in liquidation.

  • Confirmation that no measures have been taken to close the company and that no proceedings are pending or threatened against the company.


Certificate of Incumbency

  • Incorporation date of the Seychelles Offshore Company
  • IBC registration no. of the Seychelles Offshore Company
  • Good legal standing
  • Registration office address where the documents are kept
  • Current Director of the Seychelles Offshore Company
  • Date of appointment of the Director
  • Current shareholder of the Seychelles Offshore Company
  • No. of shares hold
  • Authorized share capital
  • Signed and authorized by the registered agent of registry