Bank account within the EU

Offshore Seychelles

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Guide to opening a successful bank account, within the EU

Many offshore company founders find it difficult to open a bank account after incorporation. On the one hand, for security reasons, European banks need to know and understand their customers better through KYC (know your customer). On the other hand, for protection against money laundering, terrorist financing, etc., preventive measures must be taken by law.

It is therefore not possible to recommend in general terms that this or any other bank which guarantees to open a bank account should be mentioned.

Often it depends on the person to be inquired, the business model, which history one can show and very important how well one can present oneself.

If you come now still with the locality of the company headquarters outside of Europe, it is almost impossible to open a bank account.

But we found a almost 100% perfect way to open a bank account in the EU.

This service should also give existing offshore companies, which were not founded through us, the opportunity to open a bank account in the EU.

  • For existing customers, FREE of charge

  • When setting up a new offshore company about us, FREE OF CHARGE

99.00 29.00