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Do not pay an extra fee for your offshore bank account

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Open your Offshore bank account within 24 hours online

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Offshore Bank account incl. IBAN and online banking

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Open your Offshore bank account within 24 hours online inclusive European IBAN

Since 2015, there is no offshore bank in the Seychelles that offers an offshore bank account for the established Seychelles Offshore Company. Here you have to change your mind.

But don’t worry, unlike years ago, today there is a new generation of banks, so-called Fintech banks. Specialised in online banking including VISA and/or Mastercard prepaid cards. Opening a bank account for a Seychelles offshore company is comparatively easy. Because unlike before, you can legitimize yourself via video apps, Skype, etc. and no longer even have to appear personally at the bank.

A little hint:

If there are offers on the net like: “offshore company + offshore bank account”, then better finger off these offers. Mostly, no always, it is overpriced and only serves as bait.
Here one wants to try to sell the foundation “tasty” and as a simple, but overpriced, complete package.

That means, for the pure switching of a possible bank one must pay then either an optional fee of 200-1,000 € to the establishment agencies, or it is banks, which nobody else wants, or far away and insecurely. In addition, banks often require a high cash deposit as a minimum deposit/minimum balance for opening an offshore bank account.

The actual service of these founding agencies is then limited to building a bridge to the bank, possibly sending you the first bank documents in advance and nothing else. Finally, you have to do most of the work yourself, appear personally at the bank if necessary or be activated in a video review.

You should not pay an additional fee to the founding agency.

  • Below is a proposal from banks that work very well with offshore companies from the Seychelles. Free of charge!

    • EPB
    • Euro Pacific bank
    • Mr Tango
    • Revolut
    • Paysera
    • Schaffhauser Kantonal Bank

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