A proof of address is any document, that shows the name of the person or entity we will be dealing with and the address of that person or entity.

When a copy is provided it must be a good quality copy.

We usually accept the following documents (in order of preference):

  • a utility service bill (gas, electricity, water, land-line telephone, but NOT mobile phone)
  • a statement from a major bank or building society
  • a credit card statement from VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Diners
  • a certified photocopy of your Drivers License, which should clearly show your name and principal residential address. If you send a certified copy, please copy the front and back of the document
  • a letter from a Consular Official, or higher, from your Embassy or High Commission. This letter must bear the official stamp or seal and show the official”s name and signature
  • a government-issued National Identity card.