Seychelles is a great place to form IBCs because it is fast, it is cheap and the service providers are generally very professional. Depending on your exact requirements you can have a Seychelles IBC for less than the BVI government fee and it can be ready within 1 day!

However, the “best” jurisdiction will largely depend on your specific requirements. Seychelles is good if you require a general purpose IBC, particularly if you want a low cost holding company. You can read more about the advantages that Seychelles offers on our page Why Seychelles.

If you will have complex financial transactions and you will require the sophisticated services of a lawyer or accountant in London, New York or Hong Kong and cost is not a concern, perhaps a BVI or a Jersey company may be better if they are used to working with such companies. A Seychelles IBC can do anything that any other IBC can do but it may not be as familiar to some professionals as a BVI company or as a Delaware company. However a Seychelles IBC is cheaper.