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Why you need a Nominee Director

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Nominee Director - What is this and why do I need it?

The primary and most obvious function of a nominee director is to identify the actual owner of the Seychelles Offshore Company from any publicly visible relationship with the company. This can be achieved at various levels, depending on the wishes and circumstances of the customer.

At the most basic level, the appointed External Director does not actively participate in the regular affairs of the IBC - he merely fills the position. This is best described by the term nominee director describe. In this case the customer (the owner of the company) actively and personally takes over the day-to-day business of the company. The day-to-day business can be appointed by special resolution or by an authorised representative as "representative" or "authorised representative" of the own company. In this procedure, the client signs all business correspondence, contract documents, invoices and company accounts with his own signature as if he were the director. In such a case, the participation of the nominee director would remain formal, for which a relatively small and fixed "responsibility fee" would be charged.

In certain business situations, such a procedure may be acceptable, although active management by the client severely restricts its confidentiality. However, this can also lead to questions of management and control of the company being delegated not to the managing director but to the representative (i.e. the owner), with adverse personal and tax consequences for him.

Therefore, a greater involvement of the nominee director would be necessary and beneficial.

For example, the nominated director would then become part of the day-to-day business. In particular, the nominee director prepares invoices, signs contracts and other business documents as required by the beneficial owner.

  • Company under the management of the owner

    As the beneficial owner of the company, you yourself can be appointed as director of the company for your IBC. Although this appointment is not directly registered in the Commercial Register, this information and the relevant resolutions must be held by the Registered Agent at the registered office of the company. Of course, the details of the director will also appear in some of the company's main documents, but nowhere will they be public.

  • Company managed by an appointed nominee director

    In this case, the management is taken over by a professional third party manager. Director services can usually be provided by us.
    The owner of the company may also appoint any other director of the company. This can be any person whom the owner trusts.

  • Considerations to be taken into account:

    If the company owner also acts as the managing director, there are two clear advantages:

    • The maintenance costs of the company are reduced to a minimum
    • The company structure remains simple and straightforward
  • But there are also disadvantages

    • The owner, acting as director of his own offshore company, may face local tax consequences in the country where he is actually resident. In many high-tax countries, a foreign (offshore) company may be subject to local taxation if it is "managed and controlled" in that country, regardless of the fact that the company itself is registered abroad. The place of management and control for tax purposes is usually determined as the place where the directors are based.

    • The owner of an offshore company will often consider showing his real position to his company. There can be a number of reasons for this, e.g. in matters of personal taxation, protection of assets from litigation, transactions between the offshore company and domestic business. All in all, a simple desire to remain confidential.

    • If these considerations are important, the services of the nominee director should be considered. Often an offshore company in the Seychelles can only remain legally tax exempt if it is managed by an external director. A third-party company manager, the nominee director, would effectively protect the company owner from any publicly visible relationship with the Seychelles offshore company.


Why a nominee director is important

  • Your name appears not at the time of incorporation
  • They are not registered in the trade register
  • You remain the owner of the offshore company in the Seychelles
  • None Shares for the nominee director
  • Officially and externally, the nominated director manages the company.
  • Nevertheless: Full access to your company through you
  • If desired, the creation of a POA (Power of Attorney)
  • The Nominee Director has no access to your bank account and does not want it
  • You are completely free in your decisions
  • the possibility of appointing a director other than the nominee director at any time and within 24 hours
  • 12 months Contract period, anytime cancelable