Notarially certified documents

Documents authenticated by a notary public in the Seychelles

Notarisation by a Notary Public in the Seychelles
Many copies or transcripts can only be used legally in legal transactions if they have been authenticated by a notary or certified by a notary public. Such authentications or notarizations by a notary confirm the authenticity of a document or signature. But what exactly is a notarial certification?

What is a notarization?

A notarial certification confirms the authenticity of signatures and copies. It also certifies the authenticity of documents. By a certified copy, lawyers understand the identical reproduction of documents, i.e. certified copies. If you want to have signatures certified by a notary, it is best to have the signature certified directly by the notary. A special feature of certification is that the notary only confirms the authenticity of the signature or the copy. However, the content of the declaration or contract is not checked here for its legality. A comprehensive consultation on the legal consequences of the documents is also not part of the notarial certification.

We can have any document sealed by the Notary Public of the Seychelles with a Notary's seal.
If the document is in a language other than English or French, a translation must be attached.

All notarised documents may also have an apostille from the Supreme Court of Seychelles. If you want to know what an Apostille and what it is required for, please click here.

The processing takes about 1-2 days.

We will then send you the originals worldwide, optionally by DHL Express courier.

If you only need one scan, there are no additional costs, we create a PDF and send it by e-mail.


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