Your data is safe



Your data is safe

The Seychelles have a very interesting view on this, as data protection is integrated into the constitution.

This has created enormous Advantages for every founderThe Constitution prohibits by law the disclosure of any information to third parties outside of the Seychelles.

We strictly adhere to it!

Under no circumstances would we disclose the names and addresses of directors, shareholders and beneficial owners. In addition, like all other Seychelles incorporation agencies, we will only file extracts of resolutions with the Registry that do not contain this information. All registers will definitely not be filed anywhere and will remain with us only.

Information on the directors and shareholders is therefore not publicly evident/available. Although we keep all registers, we do not archive them either online or with any authority. In most cases we would therefore completely ignore any request and only YOU inform about a possible request.

There is one exception. At the request of the Seychelles criminal authorities (FIU), we are legally obliged to provide all necessary information to the criminal authorities if we suspect criminal offences, - such as those relating to the financing of terrorism, the arms trade and/or the associated international money laundering. However, the criminal authorities are also obliged to maintain absolute secrecy. Only the courts of Seychelles may disclose private information to the public during a judicial proceeding.

Secure ordering process through 256 Bit SSL encryption

Your data is also very safe with us with every order. Because in our online shop we only ask for the first name and the email address as necessary information for the order. No data are stored in our online shop stored in order to protect your data in the best possible way. All other fields are optional and have no condition. Of course you will still receive an invoice with your requested information. You can also determine the invoice text yourself if you wish.

And as mentioned above, - all security measures, such as a secure SSL 256 bit transmission during the ordering process, are implemented perfectly and for your absolute security in the shop or ordering system by valid SSL certificates and many other things.

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