The perfect corporate structure


The perfect corporate structure

Again and again one reads the question: what is the perfect corporate structureto run an Amazon, Ebay or similar online business?

The following constellation is perfect for the centre of life in Europe and also outside the EU. Digital nomads, travellers without a permanent residence or centre of life, also benefit from this solution.
For this purpose, it would be advisable to first set up an LLP in Canada, in which a zero-tax company (offshore), as in the Seychelles, holds 80% of the shares and the founder personally only holds 20%. This means that the founder himself, as the beneficial owner, is no longer required to provide information and make a declaration.
The Seychelles Offshore Limited is then founded with a trust director and, if necessary, additionally with a trust shareholder.

On this basis, it has proven to be a good idea to establish another Ltd. in the UK, which has a profit transfer agreement with Canada Holding.

For example, the FBA in Europe and banks, bank services (stripe, paypal etc.) are registered with UK Ltd in the UK and the FBA and bank account in the USA with the Canada LLP.
You should also make sure that for Europe you only store your FBA in the UK and not elsewhere within the EU.
Tax number, as well as USt-Id, also EORI likewise with the UK Ltd request, thus this can be used also as customs declarant of the European imports.

If necessary, if you intend to do business in Asia (UAE, India, China, Japan etc.), you can additionally found a Hong Kong Limited and link this with the holding company, also with a profit transfer agreement, which may not then be active in HK, but only outside (offshore).

A salary can be paid out to the founder by Kanada Holding, which may then be taxed where the founder lives or has his center of life. Expenses such as office rent, inventory etc. are also paid by Kanada Holding.

Instead of the UK Ltd, it is also advisable to establish a company in Cyprus, Bulgaria, Estonia or Georgia, but this is more expensive and complicated. In no case has it proved to be a good idea to make the mistake of founding a German company and/or USA LLC.

It is advisable to take a year's break in the Seychelles in order to be able to cash out your winnings from Canada Holding at some point. This time can be used to build up any necessary substance for the future of your Seychelles offshore company.
Wage costs, utilities and laws are great, the future employees on site in the Seychelles are multilingual, grew up with at least 3 languages and most of them have a university degree.

This is the ideal solution for a perfect corporate structure.

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