No data from director or shareholder

Latest information from FSA Seychelles on publication of data on director or shareholder

The details of the director or shareholder(s) are not publicly available.

The details of the director or shareholder(s) are not publicly available.

Misinformation about offshore companies IBC in the Seychelles

Unfortunately, misinformation is published on the Internet, in forums or groups, via Twitter or news about the publication of the data of the director or shareholder.

We took this as an opportunity today to ask for a specific statement from the FSA in Seychelles.

The statement of the FSA Seychelles said:

"Please note that the Certificate of Good Standing does not contain the information listed below. A Company search certificate will provide you with the details of the registered office. Please note that the information on directors is not available by law and is not publicly available. Shareholder information is only available if the company has chosen to submit its register of members to the FSA, as this is not mandatory."

A screenshot of the original notice from the FSA is also shown here.

We would appreciate if you share this information, about NOT publishing the Director's or Shareholder's details, as a correction, on social media, forums and groups on the subject of offshore and IBC in Seychelles. Thank you!

FSA Seychelles Correction of 22.07.21, no data from Director or Shareholder

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